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Buffalo, Niagra Falls & Rochester Crime Scene, Hoarding and Meth Lab Cleaning Specialists!

Crime & Trauma Scene Eraser is a small company based out of Buffalo, NY that specializes in crime scene and hoarding cleanup. We know how difficult it can be when you have lost a loved one and now need to deal with biological contamination they have left behind. Whether your loved one was a victim of suicide or violent crime, their death was unattended, or they were simply a hoarder, death can be an extremely messy business. The deceased’s loved ones should not be forced to shoulder the additional burden of cleaning up bodily fluids or any other biological contaminants. In fact, this can be extremely dangerous for people who are not trained in dealing with and properly disposing of these materials.

We are not simply a janitorial service, but a team of highly-trained technicians who specialize in the removal of hazardous material and decontamination. Our staff is certified in health and safety protocols involved in disposing of hazardous and biological materials, as well as in crime scene cleanup. We have the equipment and the expertise that are required to work safely in this environment. Whatever the nature of the contamination, we can clean it up safely and thoroughly.

Our services are covered by most types of home, auto, and commercial insurance, and there are government programs that will also help with the cost. We interact with our clients at some of the most difficult times in their lives, but we are happy that we can help when people need it most. We will work professionally and discreetly to protect yours and your loved ones’ privacy. If you are in Rochester or any nearby location and need of any form of biological or crime scene cleanup, call us today at (716) 361-2824.